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  1. Getting Started

    • How to set it up

        Follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time:

      • Step 1 - Take the HDMI cable (2) and insert it into the back of the APPY TV box.
      • Step 2 - Connect the opposite end into the back of your TV.
      • Step 3 - Connect the round pin of the power cord (3) into the APPY TV box and the opposite end into a power supply.
      • Step 4 - Turn the box on using the switch located on the top of the box. Follow on screen instructions.
      • Step 5 - Sit back and get ready to enjoy the World’s Largest Collection of Movies, Sports and Box Sets.
      • Important: DO NOT place anything on top of the Appy TV box. Objects placed on top may interfere with the wireless signal. DO NOT place the Appy TV box on top of other electronic equipment.

    • Setting up your Air Mouse

        First, a couple of fun facts about your Smart Air Mouse...

        It’s sensitive and smart. The Appy TV Smart Air Mouse incorporates motion-sensing technology, allowing more precise and detailed control of your content.

        The Smart Air Mouse should feel right at home in your hand. We have designed it to be incredibly intuitive for watching TV and great for gaming on your favourite Apps.

        Turning your Air Mouse on for the first time:

      • Step 1 - Turn the Air Mouse over and locate the rectangular battery door on the rear of the unit.
      • Step 2 - Press the latch at the top of the battery door down while simultaneously removing the battery door.
      • Step 3 - Inside the Air Mouse you will find a USB connector. To get set up, plug this in to any of the USB ports on the back of the box.
      • Step 4 - Insert the batteries (6) then place the battery door back over the compartment, pressing it down gently until the latch snaps securely into place.
    • Air Mouse: Basic Operations

      • Pointing – point the remote at a specific place on the TV screen
      • Waving – Wave the remote back and forth from side to side
      • Holding or Grabbing – point the remote at a specific place on the TV screen and move the remote whilst holding down any button
      • Pushing or Pulling – move the remote forward and backward
      • Twisting – Move the remote in a twisting motion by rotating your arm
      • **You can use either the remote control or the Smart Air Mouse to control your box**

    • How to connect to the internet?

      • Option 1 – WIFI – Appy TV helps you connect to your wireless network. If you use a name and password to access your network, have these ready.
      • To manually connect to WIFI –

        Home ScreenUtilitiesSettingsRight Hand Settings IconNetworkWIFI

        Then follow on screen instructions.

      • Option 2 – Ethernet – Your network will automatically be detected once a cable is connected between your Appy TV box and your router [ethernet cable not supplied]
      • Connecting by Ethernet will provide optimum performance for your box.

  2. How to

    • Where are the TV channels?

        For a list of TV channels, simply select TV on the home screen. This will pull up the 70 + Freeview channels available. If you are looking for Movies, Sports or Box Sets, all of these can be accessed through the thousands of Apps available through Appy TV.

    • How to watch live TV

      • Step 1 - Connect your TV aerial into the back of the Appy TV box.
      • Step 2 - Scan for channels, click TV, DVT Preferences, Installation, Auto Search.
      • Step 3 - Once this is completed; the Freeview channels available in your region will appear.
    • How to pause or record a programme

        In order to pause or record live TV, you will need either a USB stick or a micro SD card installed. Simply insert the Micro SD card into the back of your APPY TV in the slot marked TF. If using the USB stick, simply insert it into one of the vacant USB slots on the side of the box.

    • How to access my recordings?

      • You can access your recordings from;
      • DTV Preferences ⇒ Record List
    • How to delete recordings

      • You can do this by pressing the blue button on your remote whilst in the Record List menu as above
    • How to turn on subtitles

      • Subtitles can be enabled by pressing the SUBT button on the remote and enabling the subtitle switch. Alternatively, this can also be enabled in the settings menu under;
      • DTV PreferencesGeneral SettingsSubtitle Display
    • How to watch Movies

        You have access to the world’s largest collection of Movies through a huge range of Apps on Appy TV. Simply visit one of the App stores, choose from the Google Play Store or visit the media centre.

        For help on which Apps to choose, visit our YouTube channel.

    • How to watch Sports

        You have access to the world’s largest collection of Sports through a huge range of Apps on Appy TV. Simply visit one of the App stores, choose from the Google Play Store or visit the media centre.

        For help on which Apps to choose, visit our YouTube channel.

    • How to download Apps

        Appy TV comes with a great range of pre-installed Apps. The more popular apps are BBC iPlayer, ITV player, Netflix, You Tube and Kodi (Media Centre).

        There are two options for downloading more Apps on the box:

      • Option 1: Google Play Store –
      • Home ScreenUtilitiesUtilities (top of the screen)Google Play StoreChoose App and follow on screen options.

      • Option 2: Kodi –
      • Home ScreenMedia CentreProgramsAdd-on InstallerChoose App and follow on screen options.

        ** Note: Appy TV does not control any Third Party Apps or its content. **

  3. Troubleshooting

    • How to change the picture size

        The picture size can be changed from the settings menu.

        This can be found by going to;

        Home ScreenUtilitiesSettingsRight Hand Settings IconDisplayDisplay Position

        You should be able to see these icons in the bottom left corner if your screen is positioned correctly.

    • I don’t have an aerial – can I watch live TV still?

        Yes, you can still watch Live TV without the need of a TV aerial. Visit our YouTube Channel to see the most popular Apps available for watching Live TV.

    • How is video streaming quality related to internet speed and networking?

        There are three main things that determine video streaming quality on your Appy TV box;

      • The connection from your Appy TV box to the router.
      • The connection to the internet.
      • The video content source.
      • If you need help on improving any of these, please see the relevant troubleshooting section below.

    • How do I change the output resolution to my television?

        You can change the resolution of your Appy TV box through the settings menu in the Utilities app.

        Home ScreenUtilitiesSettingsDisplay Tab, set Auto Output Mode to off. Then select the required output mode from the list.

    • The Appy TV box isn’t responding

        Firstly, make sure;

      • The cables between both Appy TV and your TV are pushed all the way in.
      • The power cords for both Appy TV and your TV are securely connected to a working power source.
      • Your TV is turned on and set to the correct input.
      • Appy TV is connected to your network.
      • Your network and internet connections are on and working properly.
      • **If the problem still continues, turn your Appy TV box off. Leave it for 60 seconds and then turn it back on.**

    • You cannot see a picture on your TV

        Firstly, make sure;

      • Your TV is turned on.
      • The connectors on the cables between Appy TV and your TV are pushed all the way in.
      • The video input on your TV or home theatre receiver is set to match the output [usually HDMI or composite video] used with the Appy TV box. Most TV’s have an Input button on the remote control to change video inputs.
      • If you are having trouble with the size of your screen, go to Utilities, Settings, display and adjust display. From here you can alter your screen size to fit.

    • You cannot connect to your wireless home network

      • If you are not getting 1 or more signal strength bars above your wireless network, adjust the location of your Appy TV box and/or wireless router.
      • Make sure there are no obstructions between your Appy TV box and your wireless router.
      • Make sure you select the correct wireless router name on the “Choose Wireless Network” screen.
      • Make sure you input the correct password if your network is security enabled [password is case sensitive].
    • You cannot hear sound

      • Make sure the connectors on the cables between your Appy TV and your TV are pushed all the way in.
      • Make sure the volume on your TV is turned up and not on mute.
      • Make sure the input on your TV matches the output [HDMI or analog audio] used with your Appy TV box.
    • The Smart Air Mouse isn’t responding

      • Try moving closer to your Appy TV.
      • Make sure the batteries are working and inserted properly.
      • Make sure your Air Mouse is paired with the Appy TV.
      • To pair the Smart Air Mouse with the box;

      • Remove the dongle from the USB port on the back of the box
      • Press and hold the OK button simultaneously with the back buttons on the wand until the indicator light begins to flash quickly
      • Insert the dongle back into the USB port on the rear of the box
      • The indicator light on the wand should now stay solid and your wand will work.
    • How to improve network issues

      • Move as close to the wireless router as possible.
      • Reposition the antenna to gain a stronger signal.
      • Keep the Appy TV box away from cluttered shelves or other wireless devices.
      • Use a wired Ethernet connection.
    • How to improve internet connection issues

      • Ensure download speed for audio and SD quality is up to 7Mbps.
      • Ensure download speed for HD quality streaming is up to 17Mbps
      • Ensure download speed for 1080p streaming is up to 25Mbps +
    • Content and quality issues

      • Check another channel/piece of content. The issue may be limited to specific content.
      • Try back later; you may be experiencing a temporary service issue.
      • Certain content may have higher internet speed requirements than others.
      • Please note that channel owners make the content available. Appy TV has no control over duration of content availability

  4. FAQ’s

    • Does the Appy TV box have free movies/content?

        Some of the apps such as BBC iPlayer are free to view in the UK. Apps such as Netflix have an associated monthly subscription. There are other apps available for free, therefore, as the end user you have full control over what you choose to watch, through whichever apps you decide suit you best.

    • Does my TV need to be wireless for Appy TV to work?

        No, the Appy TV box has a built in Wi-Fi receiver.

    • Can Appy TV record live TV?

        Yes, as long as an SD card is inserted.

    • Can I record two programs at once?

        Unfortunately, at present, you can only record one programme at a time.

    • Do I need a TV licence for Appy TV?

        You require a TV licence if you watch any Live TV, either through the aerial or the Apps such as BBC iPlayer.

    • Can I add a keyboard to my Appy TV box?

        Both wired and wireless keyboards are supported on your Appy TV Box.

        Use a free USB port on the side of the box to install your keyboard/ wireless dongle.

  5. If you have not been able to find the answer that you are looking for please call us on 0330 023 0222 or alternatively click here to send us an email.

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